Medvěd Míša - Nová dobrodružství

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Medvěd Míša - Nová dobrodružství

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Medvěd Míša - Nová dobrodružství

The main character of the game is cute polar bear, who is trying to get to his home in the far north. In his way but worth hundreds of dangerous monsters! You need to Míšovi help. Run, jump, dispose of enemies and collect bonuses. The only defense is your heroes are the snowball, which his opponents on the site freezes. Thanks to that, then you can kick! You can also try to dispose of them more at a time, and collect bonuses, which is when it will appear. One of them, for example, will allow Míšovi throw snowballs faster, while the other will provide him with a miniature helicopter, with which it can safely destroy all monsters.

Control: šipky + mezerník

Viewed 699002x | Published 30.12.2008
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