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Příběh o zoufálkovi

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Příběh o zoufálkovi

In this game we find ourselves in a magical kingdom, which is preparing for the annual soup festival. A long series of unfortunate coincidences but will cause a tragedy that the king to break your heart, the princess Hrášce cause severe loneliness and their subjects will prepare the soup. In the appeal. Just when it seems that the crisis cannot be krizovat?jší, born Zoufálek. Small myšák with large ears, which is completely outside the myšímu community, because - they are not afraid of cats and traps, books nežere, but reads, dreaming of becoming a knight, and moreover, talking with people, so with the princess. For all these sins against myšímu coexistence must be deservedly punished, and so is cast into the darkness, to make it rolled out as a knight in the glitzy armor and in need of the highest saved the life of the princess and the fate of the entire kingdom. Therefore, if it will be his courage enough.

Control: Myší

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