Výprava do Květinové země

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Výprava do Květinové země

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Výprava do Květinové země

Flower of the country was once flourishing garden full of magic, wonders and happiness. Now groaning under the dusivým the pall of fog, which the country has brought an evil curse. The old prophecy says that it comes the little fairy and the power of the evil is overcome. Floral earth again, he will enlighten her unique beauty and she will be healed for all people. Go side by side with young fairies at more than 50 sites Flower of the country. Overcome the singing of the river, go through the treacherous swamps, explore the abandoned territory. On each of these points with you through your acumen, judgment and sense the evil power. Waiting for you a fun floral brain teasers. The more you of them manage to pass, the more you zoom in to the liberation of the Flower of the country.

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Viewed 83875x | Published 30.12.2008
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