Letadla - Stíhačka s Práškem Skočdopole

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Letadla - Stíhačka s Práškem Skočdopole

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Letadla - Stíhačka s Práškem Skočdopole

You too, love the planes and its main hero Dusty Grasshopper? You have a home models of aircraft and you will win one race for a second? Even if you have them some of what they said no, so you still, this game is sure to enthrall. In the sunny days processed 3D game in the role of the Dusty Grasshopper zůčastníte aviation training under the guidance of an experienced trainer Skipper in several aircraft, the lessons and then you will be able to go on race, show what you have learned.

Control: backspace, arrows, X, C

Viewed 78738x | Published 22.07.2014
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