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If you like games with obranými vežemi, so the game Gemcraft you absolutely thrill. Combines elements of tower defense games and RPG. Available to you dozens of rounds in which gradually likvidujete the waves of enemies trying to get to your magic tower. You provide them in how you prevent using towers with magic crystals, which shoots. Different types of crystals have different bonus attacks. You can p?istavovat also new towers, canals, increase the maximum manu and thus creating stronger crystals. Simple crystals can combine into stronger. In addition killed monsters you get experience and to improve your gradually their level. The higher the level the better you get specielné properties. Reduces the required mana on the establishment and the combination of crystals, the construction of the towers, some crystals you are receiving in the beginning and a lot more. After a certain period of time is an Epic battle in which you need in the latest wave kill the Epic boss, which is a monster with a large number of lives and give you a lot of work. Different numbers created crystals, built a tower, destroyed by the monsters and the other combinations you give amulets, which are bonus points for dohrané round, which help to get out of the wheel much more to experience. Gemcraft is simply a game that is just so neodstrhnete. The game you can save and continue the next time there where you are ordered to stop. So cheers to that ;)

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Viewed 36171x | Published 03.11.2008
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